Russian Nobel Peace Winner auctions medal off to help Ukrainian children

Editor’s Note: Here is a Russian who knows what is going on better than most, and even he backs Ukraine. A great soul. Christians are called to compassion, not to the defense of immoral aggression.

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7 thoughts on “Russian Nobel Peace Winner auctions medal off to help Ukrainian children”

  1. How touchingly beautiful! Can we, however, trust UNICEF? I missed the donor source. The amount seems suspiciously high, doesnt it? Listening to this and examining my emotional response, given prophecy and all that is going on, it makes me aware of how the antichrist might propose solutions similar to this and how easily I could be duped. Am I being paranoid or prudent?

  2. Hey….didn’t Obama get a peace prize as well for his great international humanitarian efforts? LOL–not even 2 weeks in office. It’s all a joke folks.

    Analysis by the Council on Foreign Relations suggests that the United States Army dropped 79 per cent of all 30,743 coalition bombs in 2016. Obama has been at war for longer than any other president in US history.[115] ~Wikipedia

    Hmmm…on second thought–this Russian Laureate looks like an actual SSaint compared to his peers. LOL.

    1. It’s a difficult comparison, since the Russian Federation does not have as many aircraft nor as many bombs to drop, and if they did I really doubt Obama would have been outdone. But what the heck since Obama was a KGB asset. So go ahead and blame what he did on the USA…

  3. Many in the so called “West” know who is responsible for the conflict in USUKraine and it most certainly is NOT 🇷🇺 RUSSIA or the Russian people, But the same foul malignancy that has taken control of the US, UK, EUROPE, ect ITS THE FOUL GLOBALIST MAGGOTS That has pushed this ANTI LIFE AGENDA ON HUMANITY. If you have an honest heart look around at the society that’s has spawned from this Evil, Its Against NATURE/ CREATION AND THE CREATOR.
    get thee hence Samiel.
    Cheers Gabriel ☀️

    1. And if you do research, you will find it behind it are the same banks and families who financed and supported the Russian Revolution, the bolsheviks, the Holodomor, Stalin, the surrender of eastern Europe to communism, the empowerment and supply of Mao and the investment in China. So imagine how nutty it would be to blame it all on Ukrainian Christians who are now 3x the victims of these creeps…

      1. The Christians in the Ukraine are not the problem. The problem is that which is in control of the Ukraine. To align yourself with fellow Christians is knoble and downright brotherly–that is perfectly normal, however; to align yourself with the rulers of the current Ukraine would be a terrible mistake. The Ukranian people are good people but as always–a bad apple or two thousand that can ruin everything. Seriously…the head honcho there is no Christian and should be deposed–just like the Rothkint, Warmongers, etc should all be ran out of the square with Jesus’ flail.

      2. Dear American Russo-phile,

        I have never seen Biden light a candle in front of an icon of Saint Michael the Archangel. When I do, I will be open about discussing which is a leader more pleasing to God. As for defending Christians, how can you do that, if when they are attacked in war, they need guns to do that? Pacifism is an error or Marxists, who still rule Russia. It is also Marxist to believe an entire nation of Christians should be sacrificed on the altar of expediency, to the material benefit of a Jewish Mafia in Russia, simply because that nation has a President and Prime Minister who are Jewish.

        I mean, really, do you think your argument is going to persuade a Christian. Or do you presume we are all anti-Semitic, insane haters of people on account of ideologies?

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