To all those U. S. citizens who admire Russia

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4 thoughts on “To all those U. S. citizens who admire Russia”

  1. One wonders which is at work: insanity or possession? How can one hate an entire nation?

    1. This is something the West has never understood about Russia: it appears to be a European culture, but its genes are the worst of Tartary.

      1. Now you’ve got me reminding myself to read up on the differences between Tartars & Cossacks….

  2. Many Russian are good Christian People…

    But the ruling class are much worse than You can imagine.
    They contempt their own peripheral population, sending
    their soldiers from Siberia and Caucasus to die as a
    cannon fodder.
    They are ready to destroy entire cities, irrationally,
    because they are nurturing an eternal hate from the
    Ukraine people, never lasting since Holomodur hunger
    after 1918.
    But they are also APOCALYPSE-TYPE BAD, ready to burn
    they own cities, as they did when Napoleon invaded Moscow.

    When they will finish the conventional weapons, they will
    use the NUKES, as we can read in the prophecies of many,
    like Alois Irlmaier, saint Hildegard von Bingen, Rasputin,
    suor Elena Aiello, saint Don Giovanni Bosco, Nostradamus, etc.

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