2 thoughts on “Early use of Hypnotism on Radio & TV, may indicate how Masses were controlled during Scamdemic”

  1. In ITALY they made the JAB FORCIBLY TO WORK!

    I cannot go to the hospital to perform EEGs*, neither
    as a volunteer, because You have to be fully vaccinated
    with mRNA “vaccines” (that are not, are an epigenetic
    treatment, totally experimental, and should not be used
    for the general public)
    The people at risk are: 1) Over 50 years old; 2) OBESE
    3) With familiarity for Breast Cancer or Prostatic Cancer
    (mutations of the gene BRCA1, BRCA2 and other)
    4) Hospital and Sanitary personnel; 5) Those that
    work in harsh cool environments (low temperatures
    make the immune system weaker).

    5) According to dr. ROBERT MALONE, people under 50’s
    should not receive the mRNA jab, since the potential risks
    are in excess from the potential benefit.

    Giancarlo Rossi
    *(I’m an ElectroEncephaloGraphy technician)

    1. Yes, but I think those rules no longer apply. Anyhow, the Italian govt was imposed by Washington and New York. They are everything but Italian and Christian.

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