USA: On the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Catholic Supremes overturn Roe v. Wade

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

All men and women of good will, especially Catholics, are dancing in the U.S.A. tonight, in celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court Majority Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, which has overturned Roe v. Wade, the horrible decision which claimed that the right to abort one’s own child was constitutionally protected.

That the Catholic judges, known officially as “supremes”, handed down this ruling on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus — the day that Christ asked for acts of reparation for sins against Him — is a marvelous act of piety, which will atone for many sins.

There are many reacting to this ruling, here are some of the reactions:

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21 thoughts on “USA: On the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Catholic Supremes overturn Roe v. Wade”

  1. After allowing the ERRORS OF RUSSIA TO SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD and even into places of majorities of God’s own people; it’s simple to imagine God to be smiling in the most miniscule victory tonight. A few of his people seem to be listening and are willing to allow God to work through his Holy Spirit to oppose this terrible mortal sin. We MUST continue to pray, fast, sacrifice, work to strengthen the ‘Forces of Light’ for God’s further victory on this suffering Earth…

    1. He definitely was and is complicit, but he is not the pope, he is a usurper put there by Obama and Clinton.

    2. I do believe the antipope was decisive. I am, however, on the fence with this source. Perhaps someone more informed could intervene regarding the assertions of the article links contaoned below the linked text, which seem to seek to undermine the Papacy and not explain its purpose, historical development and escatological role.

  2. In France leading politicians call the US Supreme Court decision a scandalous regression for the reproductive health of millions of women, and they fear a contagious influence on Europe to come next.

  3. br, i am sceptical of pope francis and am quick to point out errors he is attributed to. however, is it possible i am wrong if i go on the idea that this is a result of the consecration of russia?is it possible this is a grace bestowed by Our Mother in heaven?

    1. The consecration of Russia wont have effects outside of Russia, first of all, but effects inside. But the March 25 act, was not done correctly as Our Lady asked. So it never took place spiritually.

      1. So what happens to the errors of Russia? Wouldn’t they also come to an end when Russia is converted?

      2. Why would the poison of a tree come to an end when the tree from which it was extracted died?

  4. The statement by the “Catholic” president was lacking, considering it extreme “… to the point that women and children are forced to carry the child of their rapist in the womb…”, including his and so many others, who from now they will not be able to hide them from society, nor from DNA tests.

  5. Glory be to God! Last night was the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, as well as the feast of the Sacred Heart. Our TLM parish is Sacred Heart, and we had a huge party for it. It is also a tradition to have fireworks on the Nativity. So the fireworks were for 3 reasons instead of 2!

  6. In view of Acts 12, it’s a wonder to me that that apostate wasn’t stricken dead on the spot. Then again, neither was that Jesuit idolator when he committed several sacrileges in the Vatican.

      1. “that THAT apostate” referred to Airton’s mention of the vain & vapid, venal, vile Beijing Biden.

    1. He is. Do you think all Satanists want all children aborted? Where would they get children for sacrifice, where would they get their blood to drink. Trump is not part of that cabal, but he is a servant of the Skull and Bones Banks and Lodge.

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