Russian Orthodox Church Delegation orders entire library of Mariupol Church burnt

Editor’s Note: There is an intense religious war being waged by the Russian orthodox against the Ukrainian orthodox, evidenced in this report. Priceless originals of Ukrainian liturgical texts were burnt by Russian Orthodox representatives. Even the icons will be torn down.

The Catholic Faith came to Ukraine in the 10th century. All the founding saints were Catholics. The Greeks won the Ukrainians over to their schism following the sacking of Constantinople in 1204 A. D.. However, the sacred hierarchy was established in this land by apostolic succession c. 1040 A. D., and returned to communion with Rome after the Council of Florence in 1449 A. D., a renunion which lasted for some decades.

However, Moscow declared itself a Patriarch in 1589 A. D., in violation of all sacred canons, which restricted this dignity to the Four Sees where St. Peter had preached: Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and to Constantinople. You can read about the long history of the Metropolitan of Kyiv, here.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Orthodox Church Delegation orders entire library of Mariupol Church burnt”

  1. Oh My Gosh…Must find time to consume this much information. Quite a piece of News…Clearly, Putin is the Head of the Russian Church and it’s anything except Christian. This breaks my heart as everything concerning this travesty of a tyranny does. It’s as evil as WW2 and it’s no real shock to KNOW those perpetrating it are the descendants of the financiers on both sides of WW2. Br. Bugnolo or whomever…Just received a Rokfin or ‘Unlimited Hangout’ piece Hosted by a young Investigative Journalist, Whitney Webb, of a dialogue/discussion which is very informative concerning World Events and the Ukraine War. The panel is inclusive of Katherine Austin-Fitts, Patrick Wood, Iain Davis and Kit Knightly. Wish I knew how to cut and paste it here or place a link. It’s possible for you to go to either Rokfin or Unlimited Hangout to find it. WORTH THE TIME TO LISTEN even though lengthy. Might be worth looking into for connections…To help your Apostalate.

    1. I have followed both Whitney and Catherine Austin Fitts for the last few years ( the others I am not familiar with) and both do some amazing interviews. Catherine is the creator of the Solari Report, you might enjoy that as well.

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