Russian TV Celeb: “This war will never end”, Russia aims to destroy the West

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One thought on “Russian TV Celeb: “This war will never end”, Russia aims to destroy the West”

  1. INCORRECT. The Trilateral Commission of the U.S. beginning with Jimmy Carter in 1973 is aligned with and part of the WEF/CCP Cabal including have no loyalty to God or country and are inclusive of Russia and the west. The Trans-National Extreme Elites OPPOSE ALL HUMANITY AND THE WHOLE WORLD. This is NOT a War as other Wars. This is a war of the Elites pursuit of an UNHUMAN WORLD of Non-Human Immortal Technocracy where the human soul is placed in machines AGAINST the rest of humanity in a HUMAN WORLD of mortal Humans in Natural Creation of God. The Russo-Ukraine War IS SERVING MANY PURPOSES…Not the least of which is an extensive transfer of resources and assets of the west by these elites to Russia and China. If anybody would like more information about this topic it may be found on ‘Unlimited Hangout’ with Whitney Webb online in a discussion with a very informed and easily understood panel in an item titled; ‘Interrogating Cold War 2.0’. Easy to find.

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