Yes, the Sacred Heart has crushed the Lodge on its birthday!

Editor’s Notes: Some excellent comments, but as Catholics we must take umbrage with the implicit assertion that it was the one Justice who attends the TLM who made it happen, as if the other 5 Catholic supremes were not acting on the basis of Catholic faith or as if only Traditional Catholics are Catholics.

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8 thoughts on “Yes, the Sacred Heart has crushed the Lodge on its birthday!”

  1. Definite time for a bit of celebration and thanksgiving to God…But, not too much. Too much work remaining to do in every state and the world for our Lord God. Of course, God’s going to have the ‘last laugh’. God ALWAYS HAS THE LAST LAUGH…And, “He who laughs last, laughs loudest (or, is it longest?).” This is going to be a true Stunner to most of the world. By the way, this last week I read an article in the ‘Children’s Health Defense’ Newsletter by a young research scientist employed by the WEF Cabal where she claimed she and her colleagues to be “BUILDING GOD”. This young woman is lost and needs our prayers. Even the most maniacal of the delusionals to my knowledge has never before wrote of ‘building God’.

  2. Speaker’s suggestion that Friday’s decision was somehow connected to “the consecration” (implying Bergoglio’s 25 Mar event) is not indicative of sound reasoning.

      1. The beard is a sign that he belongs to the Rad Trad community, which tows the CIA narrative on the Vatican as part of their doctrinal warfare against the Catholic Church declared in 1953. Bergoglio is a CIA puppet and its his duty to make the Catholic Church look ridiculous and dangerous to humanity. The CIA’s objective is to make the USA appear to be the savior’s of humanity, while putting Jesus Christ in a memory hole.

  3. He’s been pushing this nonsense of Bergoglio’s “consecration” being true the reason for this decision since it was leaked. He’s desperate to validate Bergoglio and he fully believes it. How could he be so clueless, does he ever pray the rosary?

  4. I agree that Roe v Wade is an important milestone in the war the catholic faith is fighting against freemasonry. There is certainly a long way to go before freemasonry and all its communistic ideas are consigned to the garbage can of history.

    We can take heart from the prophesies of Blesse Anne Marie Taigi ,wife and mystic, who wrote that God would wipe out freemasons for good when he cleanses the earth. It will be the hand of God that will deliver victory against evil. Until then more prayers are needed.

    1. That is true, she and other mystics have said that they will be wiped out in one fell swoop,.
      Deo Gratias

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