Deacon Nick Donnely: “Legally Jorge Mario Bergoglio holds the office of pope.”

Editor’s Note: The shamelessness of those who know the renunciation was not according to the norm of law, knows no bounds. We post this outrageous claim for all those readers of FromRome.Info who are on twitter who care to remonstrate with this Deacon from the United Kingdom. — Engaged by one twitter account, the Deacon responded with insults.

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2 thoughts on “Deacon Nick Donnely: “Legally Jorge Mario Bergoglio holds the office of pope.””

  1. Galatians 1:6-9, in the New Testament book addressed to the churches of Galatia to be read to their laity, contain the Church’s first written anathema, repeated for clarity and emphasis.

    These and subsequent verses state nothing about a future council or successor of St Peter being required to declare a manifest and unrepentant heretic anathema.

  2. The Apostate and Heretical Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope and faithful Catholics based in reality instead of the demonic WRONGFUL naivete of ‘rose-colored glasses’ are completely AWARE OF THIS. ALL faithful Catholics I know have removed ALL FUNDING FROM THE CHURCH AND CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES to support the charities NOT Administered by Church Officials or supportive of the Trilateral Commission & WEF/CCP Cabal or other Masonic/Illuminati oriented Organizations. Even the poorest give their paltry few dollars to a Community Food Bank, a needy family or knit/crochet hats/gloves in the cold months to provide for such donations to the needy.
    More and more people ARE awakening to the reality of the current Church hierarchy, especially with the changes in the TLM, Doctrine and theology occurring in the recent past.

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