Ukraine and the Cultural War against the West

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5 thoughts on “Ukraine and the Cultural War against the West”

  1. You said in the video that Russia can draw on 320 million population but the population of Russia is 146 million. Maybe you confused the population of the Soviet Union?

    1. Yea, you are correct…. my memory is still in the cold war….. But as they are drawing recruits from Belarus, Mongolia, and central asian republics, its higher…

  2. More importantly, can you make a video like this in Spanish? I will then share it far and wide amongst my acquaintances to try and get you support.

  3. To John: if you view the video in YouTube you can get to the settings and change captions to on and select from a list of most common languages. Spanish is available, at least in my internet area. Since Brother Bugnolo speaks slowly, the translation from English to Spanish is fairly accurate. Good luck.

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