Doxxing the Cardinals and Bishops who participated in the Pagan Rituals with the Antipope

Editor’s Note: Click the tweet for more information. However, Gaspers fails to mention that that hand sign is a sign of a freemason.

Hordes of unfaithful flocked to see Bergoglio, as he dressed in Masonic colors, to emphasize that his religion is dirty:

Pope Benedict XVI will be slain by forces of the Russian Federation

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we move closer to the fulfilment of all which Our Lady prophesied at Fatima, it becomes clear against what She came to warn us and what is the true horror foretold in the so-called Fourth Secret.

For that reason, I wanted to expound here my guess about how this will go down, as regards the Holy Father.

Our Lady came to Fatima to warn us about the plot of the Freemasons, begun in that diocese in the 1700s to infiltrate the Sacred Hierarchy and overthrow the Papacy. Begun by a Bishop who went on to be a Cardinal, and from whose hands descended, in part, the episcopal lineage which ends with Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is the Bishop dressed in white, who would lead the faithful astray, as an anti-pope, promoting all kinds of infidelity and impurity.

And also of the true Pope, Benedict XVI, who would be martyred on top of a hill by a band of soldiers. Martyred, in a way seen also by Pope Pius X in vision, as reported here:

But what soldiers?

Bl. Elena Aiello tells us in her vision of World War III. Sr. Lucia also confirms it: the flag of Russia will fly over the Vatican.

World War III which is now begun in Ukraine. The Russian propagandists have made it quite clear that they aim to take all of Europe.

The conclusion therefore is obvious: Pope Benedict XVI will be forced to flee the Vatican, but will be caught and slain.

Father Gruner even pointed out the location of the martyrdom in one of his videos: the hill of Monte Mario, just north of the Vatican, which is famous for its ancient pine trees with the kind of bark described by Sr. Lucia Santos:

The Russian Federation has begun full military and economic mobilization for World War III. Her armies might very well overwhelm Ukraine and pour into the EU as early as spring of 2023.

Vatican security is non-existent. A Band of Soldiers could effectively storm, take and kill everyone inside. Nothing has been done to prevent that. Only about a dozen soldiers of the Italian Army are even assigned to security round the city state.

The time now is short. All the pieces to be played are now on the chess board. All who should have listened to Our Lady and acted, and who could have acted, are now deaf, dumb and ignorant.

Let us pray for Our Holy Father and for all the faithful who will be with him in that dire hour.

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This video looks edited, but it’s credible…considering how the Govt. has conducted itself in the last 2 years.