Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M. D., succumbs in his 4 year battle with Cancer

Editor’s Note: I was honored to have known Dr. Zelenko, having done several interviews eletronically with him. He and I did a series called the Maccabees, which regarded exposing the Scamdemic, which was produced out of Jerusalem by Lowell Joseph Gallin. I was informed of his grave illness nearly 6 months ago, but I am no less sad for the news which has broke today. He had had cancer several times. Famous for his Z protocol which saved tends of thousands and which became the official Covid response of Guatemala and many other places, he had counseled President Donald Trump for a time, and thus soared to international fame in the last years of his life. — You can find articles and videos about him, which have been published here at FromRome.Info, under this link.

Here are some public condolences which have been published to honor his memory:

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M. D., succumbs in his 4 year battle with Cancer”

  1. The Series with Br. Bugnolo and Dr. Zelenko were superb. The dialogue was inordinately fresh and came at a time of chaos; thus, it bestowed a sense of calm for a public hungry searching for the information and answers both men shared. His was a tremendous contribution of the Zelenko Protocol for the field of Medicine at a time of great upheaval when no information was available and Zelenko’s effective treatment was profoundly controversial and yet a miracle for many people. Whole families were saved by the information spread from his wisdom and desire to provide healing.
    Equally transformational were his views applying to God and the transcendence inherent to faith. It no doubt provided a greater ability to fight the cancer while also meeting the needs of people while still on Earth. I pray for him and his whole family. May he rest in peace. 🙏🏻🕍✡🙏🏻

    1. Robbi, in a time like this, I neither want to edit comments of remembrance, nor appear to condone everything they say. However, I must point out that it is a truth of both the Mosaic Law and the New Testament that those who refuse the Messiah cannot be saved. Dr. Z was an eminent man and we agreed on many things. But in religion he did not even accept that basic truth. Nor did he think it important to recognize that the God he sought to serve, was anything more than an elusive force of goodness. I do not therefore think that even a strict believing Rabbi of the 1st century or the 21st would affirm that he rests in peace rather than in sorrow. And certainly, as Catholics we cannot condone the presumption that he is saved without acknowledging that the Lord God Sabbaoth is Jesus Christ, became man, died for our sins and rose from the dead. For is there is salvation apart from Our Lord, then all our own religion is in vain. And God proves that it is not, since He works miracles only in our Church.

      1. Hi Br Bugnolo

        God in his infinite mercy wants to save everyone, so despite the fact that Zelenko had not accepted Jesus Christ, he seems to have followed him in deed. Surely outside the church there is no salvation, but as you have said on a few occasions “it doesn’t matter how many rosaries one says, if one does not love ones neighbor one is like the pharasee in the parable of the good Samaritan.”. Surely, Zelenko was like the good Samaritan. So although he may have been rebuked at his judgment for not having accepted the graces to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, God may have him spend some time in purgatory, before his soul truly rests in peace. In hope of this, I will pray for his soul.

      2. My affirmation about the abundance of piety, was referred only to believing Catholics. It did not dismiss their value, it just pointed out that Christ wants something more from us.

  2. Heaven has become an still better place, but, dear God,
    we also need people like dr Zelenko here so badly.

    We truly hope Thou willst let Thy Saints come marching in
    very soon and sweep the earth clean from all the fallen ones of the (not so) great reset, forever.

  3. One of the world’s saddest losses… God only knows how many lives Dr. Zelenko saved and will continue to save. I have no doubt he rests in peace with God. May God comfort Dr. Z’s grieving family.

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