Bergoglio sells London property for $200 Million loss to Bain Capital, notorious Globalist agent for profiteering

Editor’s Note: If one remembers that this property was purchased with 10 years of Peter’s Pence collection, then one understands how what you put in the collection plate, just ended up in the Globalist coffers. For Catholics who call Bergoglio “the Pope”, this news will be a fitting penance for their perfidy in not calling for an investigation of why Benedict XVI was sidelined.  And Catholic Media outlets and personalities which continue to ignore both have without a doubt lost not only all their credibility as reliable sources of news, but all their moral integrity to speak about what is going on in the Vatican.

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4 thoughts on “Bergoglio sells London property for $200 Million loss to Bain Capital, notorious Globalist agent for profiteering”

  1. Even a pic of this heretical apostate is enough to cause😝🤢🤮😝🤢🤮😝🤢🤮. Despise🐍🐍🐍.

  2. Malcolm Gladwell was truly on to something when he wrote “Blink.” My very first thought when Bergog emerged on the portico of SPB in Mar ’13 was, “Dear God, he’s a thug!” I was mortified by my reaction at the time; it didn’t take long to recognize it to be one prompted by the Spirit’s seven-fold gift.

  3. Those that did not felt the abuses of Bergoglio by…
    1) Their HEART (when they sacked a sick pope, that was
    being prosecuted as “The Chief of Instituto di Opere Religiose);
    2) Their MIND (after hearing all the heresies pronounced),
    and looking at the first friends of Pope Francis… the banker
    Mario Monti (belonging to British Arc-Royal fracmassons) and
    the famous Italian abortionist Emma Bonino…

    3) Will suffer in their POCKETS, as they badly deserve!

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