Heartbreaking Confession of Covid Vaccine victim

Editor’s Note: This post shows why all those who trolled FromRome.info, claiming this journal was spreading vaccine myths, will burn in Hell for all eternity.

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One thought on “Heartbreaking Confession of Covid Vaccine victim”

  1. It was heart wrenching to hear the sound of overwhelming despair & frustration in this man’s voice. It’s amazing how much support is available for individuals whose lives are being affected by cancer & a whole host of other more mainstream disease and illnesses. However, who stands for those whose lives have been horribly affected by vaccine injuries…? What agencies, groups, or organizations stand up for, & support the growing number of those who have been jab-injured?

    I would’ve never dreamt, that there were this many corrupt, cowardly lying individuals in our government, our msm, and in the medical industry. And what’s worse…is just how many people are willing to stop up their ears or bury their heads in the sand, because they are too cowardly to handle the truth and too lazy to do their own research …smh

    No one should lose their friends or family members simply for speaking the truth, especially at a time when they most need love & support. With each passing day, it is becoming more & more evident that God is in the process of separating the wheat from the tares.

    So many are on a slippery slope right now, oblivious to the reality that the mouth of hell is opening wide ready to devour them.

    I have no judgement towards anyone who has been vaccine-injured. What has happened to them is unconscionable. My heart & my prayers go out to all of them.
    May Our Lord & Savior have mercy on all of us.

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