“Traditionalists” now become full blown Modernists, by insisting on a non-infallible Papacy

Editor’s Note: The false Traditionalist leadership, exhibited in first class style by the Washington D. C. political operative posing as a Catholic convert and calling himself NewCatholic, has now unmasked themselves completely as the perfect Masonic adepts, with the insistence that (1) the anti-Pope is Pope, and yet (2) the Pope is not infallible. Catholics believe (A) the Pope is the Pope, (B) the anti-Pope is an antipope, and (C) only the Pope is infallible. If you examine those five affirmations, you cannot fail to conclude that sites like Rorate Caeli are proposing an entirely different religion, which only shares the trappings of the Catholic Faith in liturgical matters. In theology and logic, they have embraced the Antichrist and the AntiChurch, because they want only the Anti-Pope and the Vicar of the Anti-Christ as their Head. NewCatholic like nearly all of the rest of them are willing to sacrifice everything for that, but their smells and bells and rubrics.

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One thought on ““Traditionalists” now become full blown Modernists, by insisting on a non-infallible Papacy”

  1. My Great-Grandmother told me this was to happen in my lifetime; somewhere between the years 2000 and 2025…And, as a small child, I’ve watched and waited and thought about how all would come about. Even so, it’s been a shock to watch the Roman Catholic Church come apart…And, so SAD and deleterious to society…Deadly, actually. Sometimes, your information and reports make me cry and I hope God accepts tears as prayer from our souls…Sort of like God within us is crying for all the pain in the world within himself.

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