Why if you want to help Ukrainians, you should not give to big International Aid Groups

Editor’s Note:

International Aid Organizations, among which is the Red Cross, are sitting on 2 Billion Sterling worth of humanitarian aid aimed at Ukraine. But these organizations have disbursed barely 1/4 of 1 % of that.

That is why I recommend other aid organizations, like the one’s I head, Ordo Militaris Inc., and Cross Azure (which is working on getting a bank account and should have one by the end of next week).

Ordo Militaris Inc. is already receiving funds, and I will be cooperating with a group of US Vets to organize the supply of hundreds of liters of IV fluid to save wounded civilians and soldiers on the front lines in Eastern Ukraine. When I have more information, I will give specifics. But with this project, I expect to disburse nearly 80% of the funds of our small Humanitarian Project. To think that one can save the life of an innocent for as little as $10 of IV fluid! — Please think about this, and give these poor victims the chance to survive and live a full productive life by making a GENEROUS donation! — Please also share this appeal.

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