How many have died among your family and friends?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am shaken back into the reality of the great die-off, by recent events, whereby two colleagues have told me of deaths among their family in the space of 3 days. Both in the USA. Both sudden deaths during sleep.

So, I ask my readers, if they have similar stories to share for recent months and especially in the last two weeks. Please comment below.

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22 thoughts on “How many have died among your family and friends?”

  1. Virtually EVERYBODY has had Covid. Some became more ill than others. NOBODY DEAD. NOBODY WITH LONG-TERM COVID. Out of 58 of my immediate family members (Siblings, spouses, our children, our Grandchildren), 20 had Covid twice. Three were vaccinated and two of those were the ones getting Covid twice. We’re Catholic and NOT subject to suggestion and were suspicious of the authorities from the beginning and some even BEFORE THE COVID ANNOUNCED. We’re rural. Those getting the Vaccinations were Professional…An Airline Pilot, An Engineer, A Research Scientist and all mandated by work. Approx. 20 were mandated and went to Court to avoid it. Eight were terminated.

    1. Thing is, if you think you had covid, you already bought into the narrative. No one had covid. It does not exist, because the virus does not exist. What exists is snake venom toxins introduced into human persons via other vaccines and medical products.

      1. Brother, I beg to differ. I, and my husband, daughter and son-in-law, all got Covid after Christmas. None of us were vaxxed and we all took ivermectin and recovered. The symptoms were unlike any flu I ever had.

      2. Since when are snake toxins contagious as is a virus? I’ve had several family members experience particularly bad flu symptoms during the “siege,” all of whom were bright enough to nurse themselves at home. The military members, not so bright, but mercifully, no reports of sickness, let alone death, so far.

      3. Snake toxis are “contagious” if you get a mRNA tech injection to convince your cells to make snake toxis and then you sweat them out, or they com out in your saliva, like they do in snakes.

      4. My mother is sick at the present time with flu like symptoms, this has been her third episode. How can I help her, we all thought it was a new variant. I believe snake venom evidence but how are we getting sick if we are unvaccinated. Metropolitan water, ice? Other family member are having symptoms also but they all say it feels like allergies. Any suggestions on helping or diagnosing in a corrupt medical system? My Mom drinks lots of ice tea made with Metro water. She takes daily vitamins s stack. She just had two abscess es removed that were odd. Always very active and healthy at 82.

      5. I cannot give medical advise. But I do know that before 2020, there were and still are many kinds of common colds and infections. And you let the propaganda conquer your judgement if you presume that everything is Covid.

      6. Br. Bugnolo I urge you to read on this Snake venom subversion by some reputable researcher. I suggest you perhaps start with Pierre Kory at his substack
        Pierre Kory is a well researched physician from FLCCC treating people damaged with the injection. Just re-think your position. Perhaps also Chris Martenson or Cliff High (the last one least “reputable” but still valid regarding this venom craze). I feel ashamed I took Brian Ardis/Peter Stew/Mike Adams hook and sinker for a while – until Martenson pointed out the obvious logical fallacies (and rebuked the followers for gullibility). I myself was in fact aware of Ardis over-emotional mix/mess but still fell under the venomous spell. “Snake venom” looks a hoax put forward to discredit “antivaxers” . It is bombastic enough to get traction. I am truly amazed you did not use you critical thinking more. I urge you do and do not go for a fool.

        At the same time the virus indeed does not exist – there is no reference sample for any test.

      7. Raul,

        I read through half of this paper you linked to, and wont read more, since every argument brough againt Dr. Ardis was a sophistic fallacy and involved claims which either did not touch the substance, conceded everything or argued only about a manner of verbal exposition rather than on the basis of facts. Basically, he takes one statement of rhetorical flourish, Remdesiver is freeze dried snake poison, and argues as if that were a scientific exact description, which no one watching the show even thought that speaker really meant. So while you try to smear Dr. Ardis and debunk the theory, by citing such a weak argument, you only confirm it. Also, it does not help insulting the editor of a journal when you try to explain the truth of something, because only those pushing lies and using psyop tactics act that way.

  2. One of my sisters-in-law just lost her 56 year old mother a couple of weeks ago. She had some strange condtion occur around her stomach in which fluid was gathering, causing her many visits to the hospital to get it drained. The doctors in my city couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, so they sent her to a specialist in another city nearby that normally provides better health care, but they also couldn’t figure out the problem. She wasn’t healthy to begin with, but this new condition was not something she had ever suffered from before.

    Anyway, I found out from my mother that my SIL’s mom was not doing well during her last visit to the hospital and that they “had” to put her on a ventilator. I told my mom (who’s awake to the scamdemic, as is my father, thanks be to God) that they were going to kill her because in my city (Windsor), they are definitely putting people on ventilators and giving them remdesivir, which many of us have learned, is a death sentence for the patient.

    So, I tried to call my brother to tell him not to let them give his mother-in-law remdesivir, but he did not respond. I sent him a text message – he did not respond. Two days later, she was dead. My brother said that her kidneys shut down, but did not speak about the remdesivir and ventilator situation. All I know is that both my brother and my sister-in-law were extremely upset with the medical staff, but the details as to why were left out. They didn’t want to talk about it, so I let it be.

    Most of my familiy are not interested in talking about the bioweapon likely being the cause of so many out-of-nowhere, “sudden” deaths since 90% of them have taken it even though they were warned not to. Lord have mercy on us all!

  3. I urge your readers also to take this survey, which is being conducted by Steve Kirsch, a successful engineer entrepreneur who was vaccine injured after two shots:

    This survey specifically asks for details of deaths following Covid-19 “vaccines”.

    Steve Kirsch also has a more general survey for adverse events following “vaccines”:

    I had a friend die in August 2021 within three days of Pfizer / BioNTech BNT162b2 second shot.
    He had a severe reaction to the first shot requiring Accident and Emergency / Emergency Room admission.
    On Facebook, he asked friends to pray for him before he went for his second shot. Some pleaded with him not to take it, given what had happened after his first.

  4. A colleague of mine was double pfizer vaxed, and then got sick with the flu. Since then, this happened 6 months ago, he says that when he goes biking his his heart rate sky rockets even though he hardly is able to clock the speeds remotely close to what he had before.

    He now regrets having been vaxed and says he will refuse any boosters come hell or high water.

  5. Just recently, my uncle Walter. He was doing great, visiting his daughter and grand-daughter, sitting on the floor with her and having a great time, then the bedroom he uses when at his daughter’s house, he never woke up. the doctor said his death was carbon dioxide poisoning and kidney failure.

    But, that is impossible. his wife is a nurse & a real piece of work; putting it nicely, his daughter is a nurse for the elderly. I would not put it past his wife on him getting vaxed and all the extras.

    I saw him before he died thanks to Skype with my cousin, his daughter, he looked like the girl from Willy Wonka who was bloated and turned blue; minus turning blue. It hit me hard that a doctor would lie on how he died.

  6. On last friday I was diagnosed triple-positive for three
    of SARS-2 genomes, with the “molecular test”.
    I had received the Johnson & Johnson adenovirus-vaccine
    in August 24th of 2021.
    My strategy for survival is taking IBUPROFEN in the morning,
    eating bread with BLUEBERRY JAM (has Quercetine),
    not staying resting in bed (but walking around Via Cassia,
    looking for cardboard boxes, since I’m moving).
    Then taking NIMESULIDE (AULIN) after lunch (an egg),
    and AZYTHROMICIN (ZITROMAX ) in the late evening.

    I know that the second week of disease is the period dangerous
    for thrombosis and intra-vessel coagulation. I have already
    HEPARINE (KLEXANE) in the fridge, I inspect the veins of
    my arms and my forehead to look for any signal of thrombosis.
    Maybe I should have the analysis known as “Phrothrombine
    time”; “Platelet count”; “VES”; “Fibrine”, “C Reactive Protein” and specially “D-dimer”.

    It is s really a dangerous situation, of a subtle virus
    (100% a BIOWEAPON, don’t doutb it for a second) and
    I hope that those that are responsible of the creation of
    this virus, and it’s diffusion, would pay with the highest penalty.
    I have NO trust on MainStreamMedia, on Government,
    Medical Establishment and the Industrial-Pharmacy complex (and even less on the “Bishop wearing white”).
    BROTHERS. I pray, somewhat tired of this situation.

    Yes, We have had three deaths in our family, two unvaccinated in Venezuela, one vaccinated in Rome, nobody while sleeping.

  7. Losing count… know of 20 people who have died “suddenly” after vax. Males between 36 – 70 heart attack. 2 recent in Ireland – 41 dead in chair + another dropped dead sitting at kitchen table. However relatives in complete denial. Apparently a wave of suicides in Ireland + one relative said cancer esp in childbearing women is “rampant”. Hmmm

  8. Numerous friends and family suddenly had heart issues, blood clots and entire body cancers since taking vaccine . Young fit people, suddenly with blood clots and cancers isn’t normal

  9. Most of my family and friends got the jab. Not me and my six children thankfully. So far nobody has died.

    I’m wondering if our state got batches that were less toxic.

  10. 3 professional associates of my husband in one weekend. (2 heart attacks 1 blood clots)
    Vaccinated during the last week pushing up to the health care workers mandate.

    A 17 year old young man from our parish. Found dead in his bed. No pre existing health issues. Active and healthy boy. No drugs.

    Nearly all of my friends elderly parents have passed in the last 2 years. Too many to keep track of.

  11. Also…ALL….and I do mean ALL of my friends and family who have been vaxxed have been sick with “covid” Some of them quite seriously ill.

  12. Dear Brother Alexis, I have lost my grandfather and great uncle to the Mark, and my wife has lost a cousin (likely took the Mark of The Beast). Also, my wife’s grandmother has come down with a nasty case of sun downers from the poison in the Mark. Most all of my KofC council took the Mark and a few are having grave health issues. This attack is almost unbelievable, but I do believe it and am preparing myself and my family for the days, weeks, and years to come. Faith, Hope, & Charity!

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