Help me save lives in Ukraine!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As my readers may know, or may not know, I have founded a registered Ukrainian charity, known as KPOCC A3YR (Cross Azure).

Having recently assessed that one of the crucial needs in Ukraine in areas near the front is IV fluid (saline solution) and having spoken to a fellow American citizen who has a network in place to supply it, I am looking for anyone who can donate to our registered charity a truck so we can ship it into the Ukraine.

The legal reason for this need is this, that due to the war, shipping companies are unwilling to transport materials to the front in zones of conflict. Also, the transshipment of materials which can easily be stolen and sold on the black market, requires that I secure their transport with volunteers of our own organization, throughout the entire length of the supply chain from source to point of use.

I know that I have a lot of readers in Europe, so I am asking you to help me find a company, truck owner, used truck dealer, willing to donate such a vehicle for such a holy purpose, of saving lives. — If each of you ask in your own town, I am sure we can find one!

For more information see: where you can find contact information.

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