Opus Dei expels African Priest for opposing Homo-Heresy in the hierarchy

Editor’s Note: The Founder of Opus Dei lived in a rectory with a gay man for some 7 years before founding his institute. It was a scandal at the time, but glossed over by those in the Church who promoted Opus Dei. Opus Dei was notorious during the Spanish Civil War for its newspaper which took no side, even though only one side was shooting, raping and burning Catholic priests and nuns alive on a daily basis. — So for those who know these things, the news today about this courageous priest does not surprise. May God bless him! And if any reader knows how to contact him, let’s send him some financial support and encourage him to become an apostle in these last times, of the truth, which this world will not accept!

For more information about Opus Dei, one can simply search the internet to find several sites which warn the faithful about this group:

We Catholics who never let journalists or modernists tell us to stop reading Canon Law or convince us that it does not mean what it plainly says, know better, and have an easy way out of this confusion. But for many, they are bashing their heads (“Catholic belief in infallibility and necessity of the Papacy”) against the wall of, “Bergoglio is certainly the Pope”, with a mad fury.

As a simple evidence of the above, see the official art which the Bergoglian Vatican has issued for the 2025 Jubilee year of pilgrimage and penance to Rome:

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5 thoughts on “Opus Dei expels African Priest for opposing Homo-Heresy in the hierarchy”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, There is an account set-up through Church Militant out of Detroit for cancelled Priests. Perhaps, this Priest could get information via that route. There must be something that can be done to help…The faithful Priests are SO necessary to our world and the real Traditionsl Roman Catholic Church.

  2. Thank you, J2P2, for yet another one of your perspicacious innovations: creating a “personal prelature” out of a cult. Of course, it’ll take a Pope to canonize you; ’til that day, you remain “Blessed” in our house. (Perhaps the true process will restore the rôle of the Devil’s Advocate.)

  3. As to that proposed logo: apart from its cartoonish style, it resembles more a Congo dance than anything remotely suggesting reverent pilgrimage. May it please God that the impeded see be liberated before this image become far-flung. If I’m not mistaken, 2025 will mark the centenary 17 May) of Thérèse’s canonization. Perhaps the Little Flower will obtain for us a particularly salient shower of roses in its wake.

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