URUGUAY: Judge orders Govt. to hand over unredacted Pfizer Contracts in next 48 hours

Editor’s Notes: If the plaintiff prevails, we might know in the next 36 hours what exactly was in the Pfizer contract for Uruguay, which is of immense importance, since these secrete contracts are at the heart of how the scamdemic went down. It is believe that these contracts explicitly require the signing governments to adopt dangerous and deadly methods for Covid response, which if true, will make the DeathVaxx Industry liable for fraud and genocide of humanity. I pray the day comes that every last responsible participant is hunted down and receives the same judgement and worse that the criminals tried at Nuremberg 1.0 did.

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5 thoughts on “URUGUAY: Judge orders Govt. to hand over unredacted Pfizer Contracts in next 48 hours”

  1. Indeed, all the Trilateral Commission Corporatist Thugs with their baby WEF/CCP Cabal Stoogies, Prostitute Politicians with the ‘Deep State’ require indictment and held for trial for TREASON and Crimes Against Humanity in some World Court, if not Nuremberg 2.0. Dr. Reiner Fullmicht just gave his ‘Closing Statement’ for the Grand Jury Hearing for Nuremberg 2.0 last week and it was phenomenal…Names, Dates, Times…Detailed to the Letter.

  2. Those include all wef-/pedogovernments in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, GB, USA, Tanzania and elsewhere.
    Also all participants in wef like ssschwab, zorreguieta, baarsma, d.j. omtzigt, halsema, bruls, rania of jordan, mathilde van saksen-coburg, remkes, the windsors,

    Hell is still too good for those lowlives.

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