More about Fr. Janvier Gbenou, ex-Opus Dei priest, punished for denouncing Bergoglio

5 thoughts on “More about Fr. Janvier Gbenou, ex-Opus Dei priest, punished for denouncing Bergoglio”

  1. How long before this rather courageous priest realizes that an antipope has no authority over anyone?

    1. @Paul F Precisely. This same question runs through my mind when I consider the similar situation for Don Minutella. Unlike Father Jesus Mary, at this time, Don Minutella clearly claims Benedict XVI as pope and Bergoglio as anti-pope. Why then does Don Minutella obey the rulings to not publicly offer the sacraments for the faithful?

      Do you have any thoughts?

      1. In Italian law it is a crime to pretend to be a priest. Though Don Minutella is a priest according to God and canon law, since the Italian govt recognizes the Antipope as pope, and the reduction of Don Minutella to the state of a layman, if Don Minutella were to act as a priest, he could get 3-5 years in jail for fraud. This is the kind of power that Bergoglio gets from Catholics who know he is a heretic, but who still recognize him as pope.

  2. Wow, Br Bugnolo. Thank you for explaining Don Minutella’s situation in regards to Italian law. This fact makes it even more reprehensible for the Recognize & Resist folks who know about the ins and outs of Italian law.

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