One thought on “Russian explains why she chose to fight for Ukraine against Putin”

  1. Sadly, most will consider this Ukrainian Propaganda. The reality is it could be, or not. The fact of the matter is that the WEF/CCP Cabal ORDERED this travesty and Pootain followed the orders of those implementing WW3 actively since the viral Bio-Warfare began upon its release on the Chinese New Year in 2020 during the Trilateral Commission’s first Impeachment of Trump. The world is suffering; yet remains strong since starvation hasn’t hit the west YET. It’s TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT NOW WHILE MOST PEOPLES OF THE WEST ARE STILL STRONG AND CAN FIGHT and FARMERS CAN STILL PLANT AND HARVEST IN MOST PLACES IN THE WORLD. The Chinese have been storing grain and other food stuffs for three years…So, WE KNOW THE Technocrat Totalitarian Psychopaths ARE ATTACKING THE FOOD INFRASTRUCTURE and STARVATION IS COMING.

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