EU: Member states plan to outlaw internal combustion engines by as early as 2030

Editor’s Note: The green agenda will make it impossible for the average worker to own his own transport, since electric cars cost 2-5 times as much as automobiles with internal combustion engines. This is guarantee that workers are herded into small urban areas, forced to travel by bicycle and be deprived of any opportunity for long distance travel. This will also make it impossible for the elderly to escape when at last the Globalists start culling people door by door, if they intend such a project as foreseen in Solyent Green.

3 thoughts on “EU: Member states plan to outlaw internal combustion engines by as early as 2030”

  1. I keep saying, “It’s TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT BACK NOW while we’re still stong and fed and able instead of weaker, sicker, more stoned/trippin’. Even if we’re fat, slow and lazy; it can be overcome when stonger…TIME IS NOW. Pray to God people have the gumption to GET THE HECK UP AND MOVE TO FIGHT. Time to go after the Psycho/Sociopathic Predators and take them down BEFORE THEY TAKE EVERYONE DOWN.

  2. When they come to cull old people like me I might just let them, as I don’t want to live in the “Brave new World.”
    I have no energy to fight any more, and am eager to be with Our Lord and all those who have gone before me with him.

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