Fatner Gbenou interviewed about why he has publicly denounced Bergoglio

Editor’s Note: I think Father Gbenou is giving a great testimony on the truth that, heretics are to be publicly condemned. — However, his example is being ruthlessly exploited for other purposes.

For note, that, though for years LifeSite News has excluded all news about Don Alessandro Minutella, it has not allowed 72 hours to pass to interview Father Gbenou.   The only difference between these two priests is that Don Minutella actually was punished 4 years ago for the same “crime”. Maybe Lifesite news is bigoted against Italians, or has a short memory, or will want to correct the record and interview Don Minutella, or perhaps the real reason is that Don Minutella told the whole truth, that in accord with Canon 332.2, Bergoglio cannot be the pope so long as Pope Benedict XVI lives and has not renounced the munus. So let us ask why LifeSite News won’t broach that topic, since after all, we all know that Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama engineered and orchestrated Bergoglio’s seizure of the Papacy and Benedict’s ousting.

Let’s remember that the Globalists or Masonic Order promotes everything which leads to lower birthrates and demographic collapse. A “vicar” who stands behind that, is obviously not in communion with God, the Creator. And if one is not in communion with God, the Creator, he cannot be in communion with the Church or any true Catholic. So to continue to attend masses in communion with him is a satanic effrontery.

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