Russian Federation begins embargo of Kazakhstani Oil

Editor’s Note: Just as Russian pundits on State Television have been preaching, the Russian Federation begins to expand the conflict to a World War. In recent days it has seized neutral shipping of African countries, now it has imposed an embargo on Kazakhstani oil. A madness has gripped the Russian Federation and all its allies. This is the spirit of the Dragon, of which the Apostle John spoke of, a dragon which is female (Pachamama) and who wars against God. All who stand with Russia, stand on her side.

As for the oil, this embargo will affect oil prices world wide, and enrich Russia all the more.


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One thought on “Russian Federation begins embargo of Kazakhstani Oil”

  1. The Khazaks are NOT on the side of the Russians because the Russians ARE NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE RUSSIANS. ALL ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE WEF/CCP Cabal and China is a Conspiring Ally at this time. THIS WHOLE WORLD WAR IS THE DREAM OF THE U.S. Trilateral Commission…An Outgrowth of the 1930’s Technocrats leading to the Commission formation in 1973 with President Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office and this group DREAMED UP the WEF/CCP Cabal. THESE TREASONOUS Monsters are the descendants of the Industrialists including Media like the NYT supporting and financing BOTH SIDES DURING WW2 along with those of the Nazi Germans. THEY have NO LOYALTY TO ANY COUNTRY AND NO GOD AS THEY VIEW THEMSELVES THE GOD. POOTAIN has been a member of this evil since the 1990’s and people better get a grip. STAND AND FIGHT BACK WHILE STRONG AND WELL FED as it’s not going to be so for much longer. If those supporting Russia and Pootain can’t see the manipulation towards a WORLD WAR 3 right now; they have no eyes to see, ears to hear or clear/logical minds based in God to KNOW. “There are none so STUPID as those who will not learn.”

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