EU Council votes to ban Cars and Vans for CO2 Emissions by 2035

Editor’s Note: Readers of FromRome.Info understand the level of psychopathy among the politicians of the world, especially in Europe. They also recognize that the police no longer serve the people but have willing accepted their new role as Globalist gestapo. Therefore, the Globalists go forward with their plan to enslave humanity, next, by removing your means of transportation. The Green Agenda is the excuse, just as “Health” was the excuse for the pandemic.

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One thought on “EU Council votes to ban Cars and Vans for CO2 Emissions by 2035”

  1. The world is currently ruled by the international pedo-mafia, until the Divine World Order takes over.
    We can accelerate this by giving the Judgment Prayer of Archangel Michael and use the violet flame (see the bible-story of the burning berry bush)
    It is a spiritual fire, that burns what is not right and leaves alone what is good.

    For more about this: see among others:, by brave US-lawyer Lin Wood
    A strong stomach is needed to digest this.

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