MAP of Impact on World Food Supplies at risk by Russian Aggression against Ukraine

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2 thoughts on “MAP of Impact on World Food Supplies at risk by Russian Aggression against Ukraine”

  1. It’s AROUND THE WORLD. The Nitrates and Livestock Regulations are LIMITING THE MOST PROLIFIC FARMERS IN THE WORLD. Russia is advertising ‘Free Land’ to Farmers from leading ag countries in the world EXCEPT the Ukrainians whom the have a history of murdering and are again MURDERING FOR NO REASON EXCEPT CONTROL Of RESOURCES AS IN ALL OTHER AREAS OF THE WORLD. Control of Food Production is CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE which is EXACTLY WHAT THE Monarchs of the world once based their RULE UPON. Regulations around the globe MATCH AND ARE WORDED EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. It’s originating with the Trilateral Commission in the U.S. and working through their baby, The WEF/CCP Cabal. Gates is now placing his Industrialized POISONOUS ‘Beyond Meat’ in stores as we write. It’s all SO disgusting when perusing the ‘List of Ingredients’ of his ‘Beyond Meat’…SICKENING, not whole foods in any way.
    People don’t know how to produce food any longer…Gardens are rare and knowledge has died with the last generation; and NOT FOR ME. I’m a farmer and teaching others to grow things. We MUST help one another however we can. THIS FOOD INSECURITY IS INTENTIONAL AND MAN PLANNED AND IMPLEMENTED. It’s genocide and it’s time for the people to stand and fight back as is being done right now in ‘The Netherlands’ with Belgium and Germany joining the fight. Countries MUST PROTECT THEIR FARMERS; the front line for Dinner around the world.

  2. Wonder if THIS is where Russia is getting the land promised to productive Farmers willing to move there? HOW PATHETIC…The Technocratic Totalitarians are doing all possible for Absolute Control and Power. Who would EVER WANT TO MOVE TO A COUNTRY WILLING TO MURDER IT’S NEIGHBORS AS A PLAN FOR DOMINANCE BY THE ‘ONE WORLD GOVT’ in Davos? Those supporting Russia in their evil need to reevaluate their support as what Russia is doing could NEVER HAVE BEEN PROMPTED BY GOD.

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