UN was involved in the creation of the Georgia Guidestones

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2 thoughts on “UN was involved in the creation of the Georgia Guidestones”

  1. UN was merely the first step on the ladder of the Psycho/Sociopathic Predators co-mingling leading to Carter’s Trilateral Commission with their WEF/CCP Cabal. The only way out is to 🙏🏻pray, stand🧍🏼‍♂️🧍🏼‍♀️, fight👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼, sing🎵, and pray some more🙏🏻 since it’s Satan and his Demonic hordes REALLY perpetrating the GLOBAL EVIL. Even the ‘Screwtape Letters’ can’t begin to help to comprehend the forces behind God’s curtain fighting with all they are.

  2. I don’t have the time nor the patience to listen to that video, so I don’t know if they knew this- but of course the UN would be involved. The satanic GG are exactly 666 miles from the UN Headquarters in NY as the crow flies as revealed by Matt Peterson at dailycrow.com. The numbers of the Guidestones speak of freemasonry element. Whoever blew it up also knew their numbers well as according to the surveillance video it was calculated to occur exactly at 3:33 after the fourth hour in the morning. A sort of anti freemasonry statement that only they would understand! A statement of Christ Jesus as 333 is a number related to Christ and therefore a statement that Christ is victorious over the freemasons evil plans in this event! I do not condone the actions but they made a huge statement here! Also doing it on 7/6 hearkens back to Americas founding… 76…. you have to read the subtext in the numbers to understand a deeper meaning here as this was astounding in its timing by those who did it. They obviously intended to show the freemasons and Satanists that America has a Christian founding that opposes its freemasonic parallel founding, and that someone will resist their empire in a stand up and militant manner. It was essentially a small but effective act of war on the Satanists and Freemasons behind the GG themselves and it was done in the spirit of the Knights Templar. Amazing… Selah…

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