Assassinated ex-PM of Japan quit office when Pandemic was shown to be a scam

Editor’s Note: Was Shinzo Abe killed by a deranged enemy of the Moonie Church, or was his death necessary to silence him from criticizing the Pandemic. During the opening of the pandemic, he refused to quarantine himself. As soon as it became widely known that the Pandemic was a scam, he resigned as PM. That was August 2020.

If he knew enough to take the globalists down, which surely he would, as P.M., and if he had opposed the contracts for the DeathVaxes, which surely were being discussed in August of that year, then his death was a necessity of the Great Reset Agenda mongers. The total lack of proper security around him and the long term mental instability of his attacker, who could not have known of that lack on his own, raises serious questions.

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2 thoughts on “Assassinated ex-PM of Japan quit office when Pandemic was shown to be a scam”

  1. That makes mr Abe a hero, doesn’t it?

    Both he and dr Zelenko were murdered.

    Alle whistleblowers need end deserve the protection of Archangel Michael.

    1. Zelenko had had several boughts of cancer. But his cancer returned, maybe because of shedding from a patient? who knows…

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