SRI LANKA: Enraged by IMF austerity measures, People storm Presidential Palace

5 thoughts on “SRI LANKA: Enraged by IMF austerity measures, People storm Presidential Palace”

  1. THIS is the reason they’ve reinforced NATO with 300,000 Soldiers. THIS is the reason they are PURGING the U.S. Military and replacing LOYAL U.S. Citizen Military with INSURGENT Illegal Aliens. The Psycho/Socipathic Predators know it’s coming and they’re going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD through CONQUERING and CONQUEST…Not Cooperation. Gates’ ‘Beyond Meat’ filled with POISONOUS FATS and Sugars making the meat POISONOUS AND A DEATH NAIL over time is already in the markets. The seeds coming out of Monsanto and other distributors DO NOT PRODUCE SEEDS FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND ARE NOT AS NUTRITIOUS AS HEIRLOOM SEEDED PLANTS. Gates also has swept up the Patents for the Hybrids as he’s done away with the parent seeds/plants. THIS is his plan…TO DO AWAY WITH WHOLE FOODS AND REPLACE IT WITH POISONOUS NON-NUTRITIOUS FOOD and it will be FORCED onto consumers AFTER DOING AWAY WITH WHOLE, HEALTHY FOODS. Is anybody going to do anything to STOP THIS SCAMMER CON OF A MURDERER LIKE FAUCI.

  2. People all over the world are reaching their breaking points. They have had enough.

    How much longer before God has enough?

    I only know, more and more often, I look heavenward and ask Him, “Where is that gigantic asteroid?”

  3. So: protesting pays off!

    Protesters vs wef/diabolical reset/pedomafia: rise and unite.

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