Bill Gates asks world governments to invest in Digital Economies

6 thoughts on “Bill Gates asks world governments to invest in Digital Economies”

  1. Of course…Gates is terrified of the Rioting breaking-out EVERYWHERE in conjunction with the loss of support and the threat of more awakening and being willing to STAND AND FIGHT along with the high probability of losing in the next ELECTIONS OF THE WEST. So, place the next phases into action with the threats of the world creating the endless crises and chaos to further overwhelm, undermine and DISTRACT. Average Human Beings can juggle three issues concurrently and right now, there’s five major issues. Human Beings MUST SPEAK-UP RIGHT NOW AND STOP THE MADNESS OF THIS SCAMMER CON specializing in Monopolistic/Anti-Trust Crime. Time for the lambs to become the aggressors OVER the rapacious Psycho/Sociopaths HAVING NO BOUNDARIES…Go after them and TAKE THEM DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL, hold them for trial, Try them ‘Live Stream’ for the whole world to determine WHEN TO EXECUTE THEM…ALL OF THEM. No more’ Crimes Against Humanity’.

  2. Robbi Dear,
    Very many do agree with your truthful assessment of the Current Eugenicist-Globlist UN Agenda 2021-2030-50?

    Yes, no moe crimes against humanity!!! And the fundamental CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY is the fact that every Boy and Girl born on this planet is NOT TRAINED in the Compulsory Schools Education System to become RESPONSIBLE PARENTS.

    See the horrifying STATISTICS of The FAMILY Courts of Law.
    Both Church and State Governments have failed dismally in their duty of care to Educate and TRAIN ALL HUMANITY, ESPECIALLY in the wasteful West.

    i rest my case…. and thank You!

  3. What is morally permissible in prayer for Gates’ and the other WEF wasters’ demises, please, Br Bugnolo?

    Any specific prayers you recommend along with the Rosary?

    1. You can pray that God have mercy upon him, and that if he refuses God’s last mercy, or has refused, that the Divine Vengeance fall upon him swiftly…

      1. Thank you, Br Bugnolo.
        What do you mean by “has refused”?
        Is final penitence not always possible until death – even if extremely unlikely in some cases?

      2. According to St. Alphonsus, while God’s Mercy is infinite in itself, it is finite for each person, and once a person has spurned the offer of the last mercy God intended for all eternity for them to have, then there is only judgement and punishment, in time and in eternity. For some persons, God’s Mercy permits no mortal sins, for others 1, for others a few. We do not know the number, and we do not know our number. Let us all therefore shudder and have a holy fear never, ever, to offend God again by even the smallest sin. And to do that, we must reject all evil and turn back to God with all our hearts, minds, soul, body, desire, hope, Faith and love.

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