3 thoughts on “Why the Georgia Guide Stones is the key to the Great Reset”

  1. Hope this could be the beginning of their END.

    It seems that the countries belonging to the economic
    BRICs group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc.) are
    abandoning the SWIFT system for international
    payment, for an alternative system.
    This could be the end of strong dollars & euros.
    I advice to buy agricultural lands in the highlands
    of Brazil & Argentina. Countries that according
    to Saint Giovanni Bosco will become christian
    The Russian war in Ukraine will expand to the
    Baltic countries and will surely destroy Europe.
    Over the United States a civil war is looming,
    and also the Poseidon nuclear-super-torpedo
    seems a menace against United Kingdom and
    the eastern shores of the USA.
    The effects of an attack with a super-torpedo
    where “seen” by catholic Alois Irlmaier and
    seems depicted in the video MYPETGOAT2,
    by Heliophant.

  2. In this video, David Dubyne goes through the symbolism behind the time of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones (3:33 on 7/6/2022). He thinks it is the starting whistle signaling the collapse of the West to all those collaborating in its demise. Certainly seems more plausible than a a bombing carried out by friendly white hats suggested by some.

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