ARGENTINA: Economic protesters fill the streets of the capital…

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2 thoughts on “ARGENTINA: Economic protesters fill the streets of the capital…”

  1. “Communism is an international criminal association led by individuals whose main objective is to gain political power to establish totalitarian rule and ransack the riches of the nation foolish enough to believe their lies or weak enough to fall under their sway.”
    Watch out. Argentina has been for a long time the laboratory where social, financial and economic weapons are tested. Those are later applied to the developed nations up north.
    Lula, Kirchner, Maduro, etc. talk about turning all of Latin America into a gigantic Cuba now that “the USA is in clear decline” as those red clowns happily declare. It is about time we start praying for the demise of Communism all around the world.

  2. Communism / Marxism (in many guises) won’t see its demise until the Consecration of Russia is done by a Legitimate Pope under the conditions specified by Our Lady of Fatima. Not holding my breath. God is letting us suffer the consequence of globalised apostasy and sin.

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