Either Crusade against Globalism, or submit: the choice is entirely yours

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7 thoughts on “Either Crusade against Globalism, or submit: the choice is entirely yours”

  1. all people have the divine duty to fight the great reset agenda
    prepared by the fallen ones of the wef and their bribed, blaickmailed pedocabinets in Europe, Australia, Newzealand, Canada, Ukraine, GB, Tanzania, US and elsewhere.

    Archangel Michael HELP US:

  2. I wish I had a lot of money to donate because you guys are the real deal, and I am ever so grateful for the work you do for love of God and Holy Mother Church.
    I am a single woman on my own (no desire to ever get married, thanks be to God). I have a modest, simple home, no debt other than on my home (oh, and a very small amount left on my car), and enough in the bank saved for a new roof and furnace that will need to be replaced in the near future. I have little pension and decided not to contribute anymore because I think strongly, that by the time I am able to collect a pension, I will either: a) be dead (and not from the bioweapon because I didn’t take it) due to the craziness going on in this world, or b) have that pension stolen by my evil freemasonic-run governement (Canada).

    Why am I telling you this? Well, because I am really struggling to know how to please God when it comes to donating to charities. It never seems like enough is given, yet when I work it into my monthly budget, I find I am left with just enough to pay my bills…and I live VERY simply and modestly, and I don’t make a whole lot of money.

    The way I understand it is we should at least give 10% of our monthly earnings to the Church and Catholic charities (legit ones). (We should also give to our close-to-home neighbour in need that may not be incorporated in that budget, but whom we may randomly come across in our travels.) I give a little more than that. Is this true…this 10% offering information? I find myself very confused about this.

    1. If you are in such a dire financial straight, you have no obligation to support in a big way anyone…. If you do not have some savings and especially if others depend on you, you should be frugal even about giving. Having lived in the USA and seen the mail you get when you start sending a donation here or there, I know there are a lot of groups who ask for money. That is why I hate asking, but am forced by necessity to do so, too frequently. Don’t feel guilty. There are readers who are much better off. I do not want anyone to support my apostolates who is struggling, because I am doing works which are works of mercy, not of strict duty.

      1. God bless you, Br. Bugnolo, and I thank you for your response and helping me to understand more clearly on how we are to give alms. I think it is important that you continue to ask for support (and give lessons at the same time on the importance of giving when one can do so) from those who have the means to give because your Apostolate is so very needed; it’s so very Catholic and trustworthy. I think that people should listen to, and support you, and all clergy who are trying to reach people with the truths of the Catholic Faith, and not the Catholic laymen youtubers (as well-meaning as they are). This is a very good point that you’ve made a few times that has stuck with me, and I hope other people will take it to heart because it’s the truth.

        Anyway, when it comes to giving to charities, I do have one Catholic Charity (Chalice) that I give to every month, and with the rest of what I can donate, I alternate between different organizations each month. I definitely (God willing) will be supporting your work in the future, even if it is just a little here and there.
        I pray for you all the time that God will bless you abundantly and give you strength. May Mother Mary protect you always.

  3. tip: reesereport.com

    Excellent item about the difference between Sri Lanka and the Dutch Farmers. Seen today (English video) on herstelderepubliek.wordpress

  4. Thank you both, thank you so much, thank Brother. Praying for you both and all of your family and loved ones daily. Praying for this ministry. Brother May I please ask a question. I believe in all that your saying, is it true what some are saying that yes this war is part of the evil plan but that the ruler of The Ukraine was an evil man that tortured his own people. Because there are some that say yes this war is part of the evil plan but that the ruler of the Ukraine is bad. Is he a good Christian man who acloves his people, is ghat a lie?!

    1. There is no ruler of Ukraine. There is a democratically elected government. And they are not torturing anyone. Russia is doing that.

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