Pope Benedict XVI targeted again with Internet Rumor of His Death

Summary: On Saturday morning, Rome time, someone posted a page claiming his death at 11:00 Am that morning, on Facebook. This rapidly gained 1 million likes.

FB did not stop the fake news, but seems to have promoted it. Zuckerberg is a close ally of Bergoglio.

Then it was spread around by this parody account, posing as the head of the German Bishops’ Conference:


From which it has been promptly erased, after violating the German law on fake news.

So you can connect the dots.

Is this a balloon trial, while the assassination of Pope Benedict XVI is planned by Bergoglio? It stinks of such a conspiracy. They clearly want him to die before Bergoglio. They think that the Hand of God will not sustain His True Vicar. Are they in for a surprise….!

UPDATE:  Some news outlets, who evidently cannot read Italian, think this rumor started this morning:

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7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI targeted again with Internet Rumor of His Death”

  1. They – bergoglians- are so evil! Let’s pray an international Rosary that Benedict will survive all evils, malice and …the pachapope. Amen

  2. Is there some sort of message, too, in the man having his hand on top of Benedict XVI’s?

    1. Yes, the twitter account spreading the rumor is by a nasty Italian journalist who is pro bergoglian….

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