Bergoglio: If I retire I will be Bishop Emeritus (not Pope emeritus)

Editor’s Note: I will repeat again: if he does not consider himself the Pope, why do so many voices insist that we have to? It is nothing but coercing us into the Globalist agenda?

Cionci, in his Italian editorial today, points out another glaring admission hidden in this: namely, that by saying if he resigned, he would be a bishop emeritus, he is saying that Benedict XVI has not resigned, or at least, is not acting like one who has resigned.  This concedes the entire argument, whether the renunciation is effectively of the loss of the papacy, because if the Anti-Pope admits that it was not done properly, then everyone has to admit it was not done properly. And if it was not done properly, its doubtful. And just as a doubtful pope is not a pope, a doubtfully resigned pope is still the pope!

So if you want to call us BIPers or Benevacantists, or sedevacantists, heretics or schismatics, well you can scream names at us all the way down to your Hell, but we have just won the argument! Because you cannot argue with the person you claim is the pope.

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglio: If I retire I will be Bishop Emeritus (not Pope emeritus)”

  1. What a batch of propaganda…A load of 💩. Pope Benedict XVI is NOT the basis by which Anti-Pope Francis or Bergoglio is measured. The Bible and Jesus Christ remains the ONLY RELIABLE MEASURE OF ANY MAN inclusive of any Pope or Anti-Pope. How dare this author demean the intellect and souls of laity to blame Pope Benedict for the VERY CLEAR FACT OF heresy and apostate BEHAVIOR of Bergoglio claiming to be Pope Francis. There’s no doubt what-so-ever of Saint Francis turning in his grave since this apostate took his name.

  2. Argentines for the most part despise him. He won’t return here because it could be bad for his health.

  3. Wow, this is quite interesting. Unless there is some possible interpretation of the implications of this statement that I am overlooking, it doesn’t seem to me that there is any way to understand this statement that is doesn’t undermine the narrative they’ve been endeavoring to uphold all these years.

  4. Any English translation of Andrea Cionci’s editorial you mentioned?

    The usual suspects online translation tools don’t work for me on the website.

  5. At the media announcement of his election in the US in2013, I watched it and took notes. My notes say , ” He keeps saying that he is Bishop of Rome, and never uses the word” Pope”. Maybe even he knew he was not the Pope.

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