The Joy and Rewards of the Sacrament of Matrimony in Photos

Editor’s Note: This is Catholic normality in marriage. If it causes you to blink, then you have never known this truth.

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2 thoughts on “The Joy and Rewards of the Sacrament of Matrimony in Photos”

  1. How wonderful and life affirming these photos!
    After 30 years of happy marriage, my beloved husband died aged 99. Though it is not the “fashion” I bought a square metre of black point d’esprit soft lace and hand-hemmed a square morning widow’s veil to go over my black hat above. my black dress at his Requiem Mass. I wore the widow’s veil as a silent tribute and with thanks to God to the sanctity of our happy marriage, which began with the white bridal veil.
    Next Monday I am going to a funeral at which invitees are asked NOT to wear black, to “celebrate” the life of the agnostic deceased (who died age. 28 of crippling vax side effects). People who have lost the Faith can’t stand the fact of death and wish to deny the grief of loss.
    I will not wear black, but white –the alternative mourning colour–with black shoes and purse, –and the string of black onyx beads my late aunt left me as “mourning jewellery” to remember her.
    Those over the age of 60 or so will twig the symbolism of my outfit.

    1. We Catholics should never bend to modernists and wear white at a funeral, unless of course we are in certain Asian countries where white is the color for morning…

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