Russian Federation sends devastating Missile attack against 2 Universities in Mykolayiv

Editor’s Note: This Shipbuilding University was the place where the Russian Federation Cruiser, the Moscova was designed. And presumably this attack was in retaliation to its sinking.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Federation sends devastating Missile attack against 2 Universities in Mykolayiv”

  1. Not certain of the motivation since the Russians have used any number of lies and propaganda to rationalize or justify Russian abominations enacted upon Ukraine and many other countries in central Asia for centuries. They’re especially BRUTAL to Ukraine due to the country’s insistence upon independence and toughness in their stoicism, and ability to maintain their identity regardless of the suffering, torture and death forced onto them. This isn’t the first time the Russians have attacked Ukrainian Cultural Heritage and it’s only going to become worse…Probably make it illegal to speak Ukrainian again, only allow signs in Russian, only Russian allowed to be spoken in business, courts, schools…Destroy all books wrote in Ukrainian, destroy any hardcopy records of ancestry…WHATEVER. Ukraine WILL SURVIVE as it always has. SO DARNED SAD!!! Pray and Fast for Ukraine.

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