Putin collaborator with Rothschild Allies to deprive Christian Armenia of Ancestral Lands

Editor’s Note: Now who was saying that Putin is opposed to Globalism and is out to defend Christians? — Let them turn away, ashamed, from their lies and villainy of opposing the defense of Christian Ukraine.

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3 thoughts on “Putin collaborator with Rothschild Allies to deprive Christian Armenia of Ancestral Lands”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, Nothing you say is going to get through the ‘Wall of Satan’ the lies and manipulation of the agents of Satan have built EVEN IN THE SOULS OF THE ELECT as The Bible states. Those delusional to believe an old Communist psycho/sociopathic predator like Putin to EVER support, defend and protect Christians and Christian morality are LOST FROM GOD AT LEAST FOR NOW. All we can do is pray for their souls…The souls of the deceived ELECT OF GOD will pay as surely as those at war. When we can help those of God even in countries having corrupt Govt. LIKE OUR OWN…And refuse, there’s no doubt God holds us accountable.

  2. I would like to know if these sins can be prioritized into some sort of hierarchy: abortion usury, pedophilia, unnatural unions, genocide, an unjust war, and membership in freemasonry. All of them seem to be at play in todays world and each a distraction from the other. They all seem so intertwined and evil I can’t in my own mind see how to prioritize them. Where does one start?Murder seems first, so I am guessing abortion would be at the top of the list. Is there a hierarchy amongst the sins crying out for vengeance? , I haven’t the formation to assess this in any meaningful way.

    1. Mortal sins are all gravely offensive to God, but some are more offensive. Generally the theologians take the 10 commandments as the way to measure the hierarchy of sins.

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