To the god of Surprises, there is set up the idol of excuses

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To put in perspective the radical identity between so called Catholic Traditionalists and Conservatives, who insist on nothing really, but the Latin Mass and naming Bergoglio in the Canon, I republish here an article from a radical left-wing Bergoglian apologist, who shares the same religion: make every excuse for the man, but don’t dare say he is an anti-pope because of the violation of canon 332.2 or the papal law on conclaves.

The only true Catholic position, which is ours, is not that of the Sedevacantists, who call men anti-popes, because that is the legal necessity for them claiming to be popes, bishops, priests without canonical mandate or permission.

On both sides of the true Catholic position there is a radical adhesion to the idol of making excuses to justify the criminal behavior of those whom you recognize as your superiors AND a complete agreement that such cases should never be brought to trial.

But the Catholic position stands on Canon Law, insists on a councils and synods to condemn heresy and heretics and deprive them of their offices, no matter how high in the Church.

So I offer here a taste of the extreme Bergoglian position so you can see how similar, nay identical it is, in its core principles with the so-called conservative and traditionalist camps.

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