Giovanna Chirri, Mother of the Papal Abdication, laments being driven out of journalism

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In an extremely unctuous article, Mimmo Muolo paints the picture of a trail-blazing journalist who was first to announce the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, sidelined by the journalistic elites for having not moved alone with the times in a world of journalism which has become totally editorial and almost ignorant of the truth of real time events.

As I explained in the world famous documentary, A Message in a Bottle, however, there is no reason to praise Giovanna Chirri for anything, since she was instrumental in passing off the biggest fake news in the history of the Church: that a pope had abdicated, when he had done nothing of the kind.

I cannot comment on the reasons why her employers might have had issue with her in the last 9 years. But I do not think I would be wrong in speculating that they now realize that her clumsy reading of the Papal Declaration on Feb. 11, 2013, was used by the Mafia of St. Gallen to pass off and entirely false signification of the papal act. A false interpretation that the entire MSM has backed with all their reputations.  A fake news, which is crumbling before their very eyes, as the book by Andrea Cionci, “Codice Ratzinger”, conquers the intelligentsia of Italy.

Chirri has to go, for the likes of them. They have to ignore the woman who got the ball rolling, so as, at least in a certain sort of pharasaical repentance, distance themselves from her, as a way of making an excuse for their total failure at objective journalism.

As for Chirrri, how can she still be ignorant of the criticism leveled against her for her misreading of the Declaratio? And if she is not ignorant, her new book detailing the downfall of her journalistic career would be nothing more than a tremendous piece of misinformation, to put it in the most polite terms.

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