Zionists have long history of collaboration with Nazi Party

Editor’s Note: This report sheds much need light on why a Skull and Bones agent would support Zionism. Skull and Bones, through its bank, the Brown Brothers Harriman, funded the German National Socialist Party and their industrial build up for World War. The family which has served that bank for nearly 100 years, the Trumps, are ardent supporters of the modern Zionist state of Israel, which treated the Jews of Israel as badly as the Nazis during the recent Scamdemic. The dots, at last, have been connected.

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11 thoughts on “Zionists have long history of collaboration with Nazi Party”

  1. President Trump is an ENEMY of the ENEMIES of ‘The Constitution’, Country of the United States and Citizens of the United States. ENEMY of my ENEMY IS MY FRIEND.

  2. The Puritans who came to America in the 1600s ” to establish Israel in America ” were Marranos, or secret Jews, who were kicked out of Portugal and other European countries in 1492 by the 10s of thousands. Over 10000 went to England alone and were welcomed by Cromwell. Thus they became Protestants , but only to escape persecution again for their religion. Cromwell was” friendly” with a group called the Diggers. They were promoting socialism. When the Puritans and Pilgrims came here they adopted the same security blanket they adopted in 1500 England..ie hiding their real identity. If you read Steven Birminghams series of books written in the 1970s on the Jews in America, on Wall Steet, etc the dots will begin to connect. Every Pres of the USA was a member of Freemasonry (except Lincoln and Kennedy. )until the 1990s.
    And. just to quell another lie of history, Robert ELee was against slavery. Put that absolute fact into your grey matter until it sinks in, bc it’s the absolute truth.The narrative of the book publishers du jour painted their propaganda against him, bc they were already in cahoots with MarxEngels plan for athiestic Communist controll of the whole world..inthe 1840s
    and America was top prize. ” Yankee bankers” they were called…yep.2nd generation Marranos..Jewish descendants of Cromwell’s Portuguese and Dutch and other European Jews calling the shots. How else do you think the British troops conquered the Holy Land in 1917…and promptly turned it over to….wait for it..the Rothschilds !!!!

  3. https://jewsbombgermany.wordpress.com/?wref=bif

    Allied bombing of civilians in Germany

    The Axis were defending their countries against the Communists/Capitalists/Globalists/Talmudists/Kaabbalists invasion/ takeover of the world.

    Swastika is a universal Hooked Cross and what the NatSocs called the “hakenkreuz”. Hitler was schooled in a Benedictine monastery, and got the idea when he saw a swastika on the grave of an Abbot there.

    A prophetic symbol of Christ.


    Universal symbol of life force/God force






    1. No, Hitler was the protege and puppet of the Skull and Bones / Prussian Lodges, tasked with destroying Europe so the London and American Lodges could buy it up. They also backed the bolsheviks, because the Rothschilds control both the USA and London lodge.

      1. You can’t just say “I read this book”. J$ws own all publishing. Are you aware of the atrocities committed by The Allies? The allies were and still are in cahoots with Soviet Russia. Do we every hear about Jewish bolshevik/Talmudic terrorist takeover of the world in the media? Ever heard of the Radio Priest, Fr Charles Coughlin of 1930’s America? or Belgium Catholic leader who founded The Rex Party to fight their Commie govt.
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jozef_Tiso (Talmudic vengeance = Nuremberg/Sanhedrin trials. Many were attacking these unjust trials but as we have been under Talmudic censorship for over 100 yrs, you have to dig deep for truth. Hitler wanted peace and he tried about 7 times. You must look at the German people and you see they clearly loved him. Judea declares war on Germany. Many countries joined Hitler to defend their nations against Communist invasion.

        Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same shekel.
        Red Russia and Capitalist West in cahoots against patriotism/Fascism /Christianity!

        The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Documentary by Dennis Wise


        Exposes MOSSAD and holohoax:
        Stupendous Interview with Léon Degrelle (

        Franco, Mussolini and Hitler closed the lodges

        Occult Forces (1943) National Socialist Anti-Freemasonry Film

        NAZIs SS book on Freemasonry

        Arriba Espana – Viva Christo Rey!
        Falangist Anthem – Cara al sol [+English translation]

        Te quiero contar España – Anti-communist falangist song/Canción falangista [+English translation]


        The first fascist movement to come to power, Italian fascism, did so in a country that was 99 per cent Catholic and the seat of the papacy, and ‘clerical fascist’ movements came to power in another two overwhelmingly Catholic countries, the first Slovak Republic and the Croatian Independent State. Fascist movements and regimes in other European countries also entered into relations with the Roman Catholic Church, and in broader terms, many Catholics, individually and collectively, were closely involved with fascist movements and regimes in the inter-war years. This article analyses the complex relationships between fascism, the institutional church, and Catholics more generally. It examines the initial attitudes of fascist movements to Catholicism/the Catholic Church, the encounter between fascism and Catholicism, and the interests and common enemies that brought them together in this encounter.

        Teaching on Fascism at Marxist universities:

      2. Fascism like communism has it origins in the Masonic Lodge. Period. Full Stop. Anyone can read the history, its there. If you want to deny it, you are just a useful fool of the Lodges.

      3. The narative of Hitler being an agent of the Masonic lodge raises some questions.

        Why did he surpress Freemasonry in Germany and the countries he occupied?

        Why did he make Germany independent of the international banking system by creating his own debt- and interest-free currency backed by the labour of the nation, raising Germany out of the Great Depression into ecconomic prosperity and power in just years?

        Why did he arrest Baron Louis de Rothschild, confiscate his bank, and shut down the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild?

        Why did he time and again try to make peace with Britain, even when Britain was bombing German cities?

        It would be interesting to know if there are any other authors besides just Antony Sutton who support the narative of Hitler being a Masonic agent. One author can draw narrow conclusions based on limited knowledge, without intentionally trying to falsify history.

      4. You err by conceiving the Freemasons as all friendly to one another. Once the Skull and Bones Lodge and the Pilgrim Society siezed power in Germany through the person of their protege, Adolf Hitler, there was no longer need of having rival lodges in Germany. Likewise, the Rothchilds do not belong to those two lodges, but rule through the Illuminati. All the Gold that Hitler stole he deposited in the Bank of International Settlements at Basel, which was controlled by the Rothschilds of London.

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