11 Italians drop dead on beaches, in 24 hours

Editor’s Note: I said by summer you will see people drop dead on sidewalks and beaches. I was mocked. Sadly, I was right again.

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6 thoughts on “11 Italians drop dead on beaches, in 24 hours”

  1. Even if all 11 took the experimental genetic therapy, their demise can be conveniently attributed to heat stroke due to anthropogenic global warming.

  2. I have a friend who now has covid, what relational advice do you recommend for those of us who have followed you since your statement: that is, for those who didn’t listen, those who did, and those who didnt but wish had? I am not sure Shari g this link with the person is a wise action.

    Neither “I told you so”, nor ” Br. Alexis told us so” nor keeping silent seem the gentle thing to bring up, nor glossing it over nor ignoring the elephant in the room.

    I am not criticizing your saying “I tod you so” only asking how we your followers should handle it. If the trend continues this will be important to know how to finesse as professed Christians, won’t it?

    1. The only way to lead persons to truth is to show that they are in error. This is why Jesus called the pharasees disparaging terms. If that is O.K., then with those who are possibly penitent, you can say, I told you so, why did you not listen to me, who love you, but chose to listen to those who want to exploit you. If they cannot take that kind of frankness they are imprisoned in a demonic self love, which is why God permitted the scamdemic, to punish His enemies, who love themselves unto contempt of Him.

  3. Those people that suspect that they are at risk of
    clots after mRNA vaccines (or after recovering
    from the SARS-CoV-2 virus), should have several
    blood exams done…
    1) Prothrombine time (tempo di protrombina)
    2) D-Dimer and Fibrine
    3) VES (Velocità di Eritro-Sedimentazione)
    4) Complete count of Red Cells, White Cells,
    Platelets, with their sub-groups.
    5) Also antibodies IgG and IgM should be done, in
    order to evaluate the intensity of the immune
    response to the virus or the vaccine.
    6) In case of a certain damage to heart, should be
    performed an EKG, an effort-EKG, Scyntigraphy
    and also Beta Natriuretic Peptide, that is a certain
    marker of Heart Failure.

    PS-> A daily dose of Aspirin (or better Ascriptin)
    should be enough to prevent a slight tendency
    to over-coagulation.

  4. Heard from the elevator two days ago, a woman in her 60’s:

    “I don’t know about these, I took the fourth shot and I feel worse and worse with every dose.”

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