We are dealing with a hyper-aggressive Psychopath

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5 thoughts on “We are dealing with a hyper-aggressive Psychopath”

  1. And, if THIS isn’t bad enough…THE WHOLE ROTTEN WORLD HAS JOINED IN THE CRUEL, TORTURING EVIL AND NOBODY IS HUNTING-DOWN THE RAPACIOUS psycho/sociopaths. The Mafia NOW RUNS THE WHOLE WORLD. It’s only ‘Depopulation’, you know? And, the Patriarchate in Russia stands with the demon. Wonder if they have ‘black Masses’ in their ‘Onion Domed Cathedrals’ having ‘child sacrifice’ on the high alter for Satan? Not joking. NOBODY IN THE WEST TO STOP THE SLAUGHTER.

  2. He was raised in the academy of the communist,
    and secretly bred in the environment of the
    “Golden Eurasia” freemasonry.
    That’s the result. A merciless dictator.

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