Putin’s war enriches Rothschild’s Puppet State

Editor’s Note: The Rothschilds have invested in the oil fields of Baku since the 1860’s, and though they sold out before the Russian Revolution, they came back in a big way through British Petroleum. So, what a coincidence, that in response to WEF Member, G20 Member Vladimir Putin’s war, the EU signs an even bigger deal to buy Natural Gas from their old puppet state.

This news should open the eyes of those who really what to know on whose side Putin is fighting, since he is part of the Hegelian Dialectic of forces, used by the Illuminati to manipulate world history: where two controlled actors fight it out so as to justify the actions of the elite puppeteers.

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3 thoughts on “Putin’s war enriches Rothschild’s Puppet State”

    1. Finally someone that reveals truth regarding Putin. If Rothschilds didnt control him Russia could easily take control of Ukraine within weeks.

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