Mario Draghi to resign as Italian PM

Editor’s Note: This is an answer to many prayers. He was de facto dictator in Italy since February 2021. “Good riddance!” is to mild a phrase. God forbid Italy gets a more evil man to succeed him.

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5 thoughts on “Mario Draghi to resign as Italian PM”

  1. Three governments in as many years? (And I thought France’s being on its 5th Republic was a sign of instability….) How terrible the fate of a land once in possession of the True Faith to have cast it aside! England yet pays for the sinful legacy of the tyrant Henry Tudor. What holds for Italy’s future?

  2. USA has Biden /Harris…I never dreamed that was going to happen. Trump was the best President we ever had..IMOpinion.

    1. Trump is just part of the deception. Part of the show for the masses. I used to be 100% on the trump train. Now I do think the president idea at least in the USA is fake from the begging. In practice there is no such a thing as a president and there never was for the USA at least. It is a show, bread and circus for the people.

  3. I also agree that Trump is in on the game. It’s like good cop, bad cop, to keep the people distracted and confused as to what is really happening. I thought Trump was going to do some good in office, like when he wanted to let Kennedy head a committee to investigate vaccines. But Gates said it wouldn’t be a good idea and that was the end of that.

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