EU Parliamentary Conference: Scamdemic is the biggest crime in history

Editor’s Note: This Identity & Democracy Group conference on the dangers of flying, on account of the DeathVaxx, was recorded in part, and this is one intervention, 30 minutes in length, which can be entitled with the words taken at its end is the explosive refutation of all who pushed the DeathVaxx. For it vindicates not only FromRome.Info’s editorial policy for the last 30 months, but also all of its readers who supported us. Thank you! — It also shows that 2 long years of fighting for the truth on social media have paid off with a political movement which has espoused our concerns.

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6 thoughts on “EU Parliamentary Conference: Scamdemic is the biggest crime in history”

  1. Thank you, Br Bugnolo, for posting this link.
    Which 30 minute segment should we pay particular attention to, please – e.g. start time?

  2. It would have good to have transaltions, however I did get the jest of the confrence. I can only hope those in charge of the vaccine rollouts will be brought to justice.

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