FRANCE: Illegal Immigrants from Africa storm Ukrainian Refugee Center at Paris

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3 thoughts on “FRANCE: Illegal Immigrants from Africa storm Ukrainian Refugee Center at Paris”

  1. This item reminds me of what Our Lord told the Syrio-Phoenician woman, when she begged him to cure her daughter of demons. “It is not meet to give the children’s bread to the dogs” (the Aramaic word was something like “little puppies” which softened it a bit).
    Jesus reminded her that though God loves all people, “Charity begins at home,” and we have a duty to prioritise the basic needs our own family members / co-religionists over others begging for our charity.
    Nobody criticises Muslims for (rightly) prioritising their co-religionists over “infidels” in their charities . So non-Christian migrants (most illegal military-age mails, and many merely economic migrants) have no grounds for feeling entitled to non-existent “rights” of entry, –demanding preferential status and treatment over Christian, often Catholic Ukrainian women and children who have been bombed from their homes, and are at risk of being abducted to settle in Russia against their wills. The Ukrainians have a moral right to preferential treatment. They are authentic and legal refugees.
    Thomas Aquinas agreed; he perfectly balanced the Christian duty “to care for the stranger” against the duty to preserve a nation’s culture, economy, and security.
    And enjoined us to care for our brothers and sisters in faith first, and others only after their needs were met.
    Prudent priorities.
    Aquinas also said that the state had the right to limit the number of foreign migrants 1) to test that they were trustworthy, and 2) so that they did not overwhelm the host country’s resources.
    Funny how Trump’s attitude on this question accorded with St Thomas Aquinas. 🙂

    1. It’s not funny, its the Masonic tactic of always having on the chess board someone whom foolish Christians will believe is their leader, while really he leads them into the Great Reset and Satanic Order.

  2. No, it isn’t funny. The Africans have no right to claim any rights to entry or any other privilege. About time to REMOVE BY FORCE, if necessary, all TREASONOUS Agents in the West indoctrinated by WEF/CCP Cabal and enacting its Agenda allowing this INSURGENCY/INVASION from Africa. In the meantime, send the Africans back where they came from.

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