The long history of Rothschild influence and intervention in Russia

Editor’s Note: While I have not read everything on the site, above, so I cannot say that I endorse it, I do endorse research into Rothschild family activity, as it explains the whole of history in the last 150 years. If you ignore it you will not understand why what is happening happens the way it does. Every once and a while, you may notice in the news a incoherent change of direction of politicians, leaders, parties, businesses, totally out of character. That is when, if you pay attention, you can find the chain of causes, which like the strings on a puppet, lead back to the puppeteers. This site can help in that investigation, especially for those who forgot that Our Lady told us to beware of the errors of Russia…

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3 thoughts on “The long history of Rothschild influence and intervention in Russia”

  1. Interesting that I can no longer access this site, I was going thru several of their videos and now it is blocked. Tried a different browser with no luck. Maybe they are having difficulty with the site or too much traffic meant they had to go.

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