5 thoughts on “The W.E.F. Plot to take control of all food production”

  1. “Control money and you control nations. Control food and you control people.” — Henry Kissinger
    Agenda 2030 is nicely on schedule. . . .

    1. –By this way, this brilliant expose of the IMF / Davos is witty and great fun.
      Everyone: Forward this to educate your friends who think this stuff is too boring and complicated to understand.

      The new MP showing the Netherlands PM up as a IMF shill and liar in Parliament, using his own words from a smarmy letter to Claus Schwab, was laugh-out-loud funny.

  2. Doing Penance is absolutely necessary for Salvation.. The Prots do not believe in making up to God and others for sins against them. They believe God covers them.Catholics believe, if they are mortal sins, each and every one needs to be confessed in Sacrament of Confession…and the Penance done for them. Think of the message of Fatima..even the picture released as the Secret in early 2000….The message was emphasized…Penance ..Penance…PENANCE.
    Problem is that from the Pope down, sin is not being taught as sin..even mortal sin..The whole liberal focus is on ” accompanying ” people who live in mortal sin.In fact. I’ve never heard of the word “mortal sin “from the mouths of priests since 1965.


  3. These Super-Rich Scum have betrayed their own Countries and want to bring about their NWO with those of us who do manage to survive relegated to a life of peonage. The Bilderberg Group members responsible for these synthetic “Shortages” and the Covid-19 Vaccine Lying, especially Billy Bob G who owns the patents, should be tried for crimes against Humanity.

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