NATO announces its new Eastern European Defense Stance

Editor’s Note: Nato forces are not the only forces in the European Union, since each nation also has its own troops and reserves. But if you consider that the Russian Federation is mobilizing 2.5 Million men as we speak, you can get an idea that the fate of Western and Eastern Europe has already been decided by the numbers.

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4 thoughts on “NATO announces its new Eastern European Defense Stance”

  1. Hmmm: ” you can get an idea that…” ? Let’s hope that the idea would be wrong, as at Lepanto.

    1. This battle will not be won by another Lepanto. Only the consecration of Russia by the true pope in union with all the bishops will put an end to this war.

  2. UNION of Military, Private Business and Academia SOUNDS LIKE FASCISM TO ME…Is Fascism necessary to maintain a technological and Military Edge? As for 2.5 Million…The NON-Nuclear Weapons of the west CAN make mincemeat out of those Forces. Russia is not nearly the threat those INTERNAL TO THE United States are…Those TREASONOUS purchased by the ENEMIES like Biden’s Handlers associated WITH Putin and Xi.

    1. The West does not have enough non-nuclear weapons to make mince meat out of 3 million soldiers.

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